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  1. Anwar Jibawi

    Anwar Jibawi

    2 miesięcy temu

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    • One Shot

      One Shot

      Dzień temu


    • Big Shaq

      Big Shaq

      3 dni temu

      Anwar Jibawi ya

    • Ellen Arnold

      Ellen Arnold

      3 dni temu

      My big brother had been more of a dad than brother and he didn't play when it comes to dating his little sister especially when it's his friends that's a no good lol people are mia for life lol

    • Abaseen Khan

      Abaseen Khan

      6 dni temu


    • New Chica 28

      New Chica 28

      6 dni temu

      Ok I Will

  2. Keith Eliza Danielli Jacinto

    Keith Eliza Danielli Jacinto

    55 minut temu

    No one : .... Guy: my name is pancho Oh cmon!!!!

  3. Abraham Marpaung

    Abraham Marpaung

    2 godzin temu

    Dang.. You got me dying dude 😂😂

  4. H O N E Y

    H O N E Y

    2 godzin temu

    1:53 didn’t mean to do it...back then😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. H O N E Y

    H O N E Y

    3 godzin temu

    0:15 MOTO MOTO

  6. H O N E Y

    H O N E Y

    3 godzin temu


  7. Tigerwolfsharkbearberry Williams

    Tigerwolfsharkbearberry Williams

    3 godzin temu

    My name is Brion Yeah I love fame Yeah Bach looks like he got maimed Yeah I don’t know what to say

  8. Nuigi 12

    Nuigi 12

    3 godzin temu

    This gets dark so fast lol I love it

  9. Minerva Palma

    Minerva Palma

    4 godzin temu

    pancho :my name is pancho players:yea pancho:i dont know what to say _____________________2__ pancho: my name is pancho players:noooooooo

  10. Minerva Palma

    Minerva Palma

    4 godzin temu

    who else cry??

  11. Tobby Gasga

    Tobby Gasga

    6 godzin temu

    Why did the guy say said I like im chunky we got moto moto

  12. Zz Jm

    Zz Jm

    6 godzin temu

    hahaha pancho 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  13. Zz Jm

    Zz Jm

    6 godzin temu

    i loved the video

  14. Zz Jm

    Zz Jm

    6 godzin temu

    i like em big i like em all the way umba ch chu chunkie roll call😄😄😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣😋😋😋🤣🤣😁😁

  15. Avalyn Tran

    Avalyn Tran

    9 godzin temu

    *Pancho is the best rapper of all time*

  16. ii_Sponge . Bob

    ii_Sponge . Bob

    9 godzin temu

    Did you take this from “The Roll Call Song” by TAWIMZ or get inspired

  17. Guess What

    Guess What

    13 godzin temu

    I cried



    13 godzin temu

    I’m Arabic

  19. Abigail Valies

    Abigail Valies

    17 godzin temu

    I love basketball i'm playing sinds 2018 and im a 11 year old girl🏀⛹🏀

  20. Unicorn Potato

    Unicorn Potato

    18 godzin temu

    Pancho is the best

  21. Black zeno

    Black zeno

    21 godzinę temu

    I should sell my organs

  22. waidah


    22 godzin temu

    for my friend, His name is Donn He works in porn He gains minimum wage And he's engaged ROLE CALL

  23. Random Username

    Random Username

    22 godzin temu

    H A R A M

  24. Ismaela Lakroi

    Ismaela Lakroi

    23 godzin temu

    What's inside their pants? I mean...what's that?

  25. Hitoshi Shinsou

    Hitoshi Shinsou

    Dzień temu

    My name is Mochi YEAH I have depression Yeah? I might end up arrested .....

  26. Ninja Gaming

    Ninja Gaming

    Dzień temu

    My name is Ninja (Yeah!) I'm a weeb (Yeah?) I don't like it (Yeah?) And I like playing assassins creed (Chundunkychunchunchundunky ROLL CALL

  27. Bloon TD6

    Bloon TD6

    Dzień temu

    1:25 me on I had nothing to say

  28. Joe


    Dzień temu

    Anwar: ace smashed my sister yeah King Bach: I didn't do that

  29. Samoanbeast 2007

    Samoanbeast 2007

    Dzień temu

    Poncho: my name is poncho Everyone else: NO!!

  30. BitterSweet Psycho

    BitterSweet Psycho

    Dzień temu

    XD they're all real close XD

  31. cliffiy and the boys

    cliffiy and the boys

    Dzień temu

    Bach is my fav

  32. mangle 1q6

    mangle 1q6

    Dzień temu

    0:21 Moto Moto is that you?

  33. clickonmyprofile 10,000Subscriberswithoutanyvideos

    clickonmyprofile 10,000Subscriberswithoutanyvideos

    Dzień temu

    ......Damn turned around real quick went from a fun game to I efed your sister to I found your parents😂

  34. Aiyana Thomas

    Aiyana Thomas

    Dzień temu

    At 0:31 when I ruin the moment of fun

  35. Bacon Plainrock125

    Bacon Plainrock125

    Dzień temu

    Pancho:My name is Pancho The bois in the team:NO!

  36. annie leblanc

    annie leblanc

    Dzień temu

    Its like “ayayayayay ang pag ibig” in the Philippines

  37. Gacha Wolf

    Gacha Wolf

    Dzień temu

    Plot twist: Pancho is Anwar’s dad

  38. The Lazy Person

    The Lazy Person

    Dzień temu

    0-0 WTF

  39. limu ,axisa

    limu ,axisa

    Dzień temu

    Did they win or notttt

  40. Typical Gibbs

    Typical Gibbs

    Dzień temu

    King Bach: I smash your sis Me: boy what the fuck!!!

  41. jamie gnatek

    jamie gnatek

    Dzień temu

    Lol this is from gonoodle

  42. Gaming with Luis Ci

    Gaming with Luis Ci

    Dzień temu

    Feel like letters fake

  43. Alisa Gayles

    Alisa Gayles

    Dzień temu


  44. Mx_ _Gp

    Mx_ _Gp

    Dzień temu

    My name is Pancho

  45. Rose Aestheatic

    Rose Aestheatic

    Dzień temu

    Imagine watching this team play basketball while knowing what happened in there-

  46. Aly Megahed

    Aly Megahed

    Dzień temu

    My name is pancho .......

  47. DarksideOf Gacha

    DarksideOf Gacha

    Dzień temu

    My name is moto Yeah I like em big Yeah I like em chunky Chu chu chudunky

  48. TTH_ReaperG YT

    TTH_ReaperG YT

    Dzień temu

    [Admin] Anwar Jibawi

  49. TTH_ReaperG YT

    TTH_ReaperG YT

    Dzień temu

    | ressac l fcds | b\[]

  50. JakulaithWolff


    Dzień temu

    I sincerely was interested to know about Pancho lol... wanted to know what he has got to say.

  51. JakulaithWolff


    Dzień temu

    So did they even win after all of this?

  52. JakulaithWolff


    Dzień temu

    I like how the yeah changes tone accordingly 1:50

  53. Admire M

    Admire M

    2 dni temu

    *my name is Panchó-*

  54. Sigge Musen

    Sigge Musen

    2 dni temu

    I'm Danish and Anwar was like, I'm not Danish. You smashed my sister!!!

  55. Ryguyrocky


    2 dni temu

    0-100-0 real quick

  56. Gacha_Rose Playz

    Gacha_Rose Playz

    2 dni temu


  57. Art Joseph Breganza

    Art Joseph Breganza

    2 dni temu


  58. Pham Melody

    Pham Melody

    2 dni temu

    My name is Moto Moto I'm an extrovert I like them chunky I'm a real pervert

  59. Monir Hi I’m Marwa sister

    Monir Hi I’m Marwa sister

    2 dni temu

    i . wanna buy y the merch yeah and show my family . yeah and ask what thiis say yeah cause there arabic HONDUCKY YAAY

  60. Icey Productions

    Icey Productions

    2 dni temu

    the first part reminded me off the office 💀

  61. Kimlee Chea

    Kimlee Chea

    2 dni temu

    This video reminds me of my grandmother thank you anwar for reminding me she pass away really soon when I was born

  62. JiminMyBias 15

    JiminMyBias 15

    2 dni temu

    My name is yasmien Yeah I was on Starbucks Yeah They spelled it "jasmine" Yeah And now I slap em

  63. Ramyn Martinez

    Ramyn Martinez

    2 dni temu

    On baby sisters birthday

  64. jbwolve l

    jbwolve l

    2 dni temu

    My name is pancho ... Ya........ I got nothing to say Panchp:leves

  65. Parshna Rae

    Parshna Rae

    2 dni temu

    Damn it just got deeper😂

  66. Wild Pandas

    Wild Pandas

    2 dni temu

    Kevin hart 💖💖🤙🏿

  67. Leen Alqahtani

    Leen Alqahtani

    2 dni temu

    This is from the movie in it to win it

  68. Aagyyn


    2 dni temu

    Hey look its me a stranger Yeah From a place far away Yeah Now i have to tell you all Yeah Youre beautiful in each in everyway Chu dunky chu chu dunky role call! ♥️

  69. Mariam Fadaley

    Mariam Fadaley

    2 dni temu

    My name is mariam Yeah I don’t get old Yeah My dog got sold Yeah My dad got bald ......yeah...... My mum is nice Yeah She gives me rice Yeah..... But when she ate an apple Yeah She got poisoned and died Yeah............. Chadonkey cha cha chadonkey rollcall

  70. BabyBeach :P

    BabyBeach :P

    2 dni temu

    My name is weird Yeah I ain’t no lying Yeah I should be studying Yeah Or I’d be dying ROLL CALL *that was horrible*

  71. BabyBeach :P

    BabyBeach :P

    2 dni temu

    Turns out they missed out on the game chanting chundunky

  72. alpha lulu

    alpha lulu

    2 dni temu


  73. Lucky _ Gold

    Lucky _ Gold

    2 dni temu

    C r I e s emotionly

  74. Maky Robinson

    Maky Robinson

    2 dni temu

    This is why I dont play sports.

  75. johns scarce

    johns scarce

    2 dni temu

    Chaz's face when he said there's no denying

  76. little brown girl

    little brown girl

    2 dni temu

    MY NaMe Is PANchO!!!

  77. kinsoyy


    2 dni temu

    My name is kinsoyy I am an idiot, Just ate some pizza, Now doing dumb shit,

  78. Julia Bita

    Julia Bita

    2 dni temu


  79. ItzPotato Jeez

    ItzPotato Jeez

    2 dni temu

    My Name is Lucian I like Disney I saw U eat my cookies Now I beat u ROAD CHUNDY CHUNDY CHUNDY ROLECHUNDY My name is Nicky I like You U need me U smashed my Boy ROLE CHODUNKY CHODUNKY *LETS SKIP SCHOOL MY NAME IS JAMES* *NO*

  80. ItzPotato Jeez

    ItzPotato Jeez

    2 dni temu


  81. HYDRO_ Mxrcy1es

    HYDRO_ Mxrcy1es

    2 dni temu

    Finnaly a happy ending

  82. Destiny Martinez

    Destiny Martinez

    2 dni temu

    😂😂💖💖I love this

  83. Harmony Silva

    Harmony Silva

    2 dni temu

    **gets a king Bach ad**

  84. xxRosePetalsxx :3

    xxRosePetalsxx :3

    2 dni temu

    My name is Rose Yeah I think this is so funny Yeah Even when he said chunky I can't hold my pose 😂

    • BabyBeach :P

      BabyBeach :P

      2 dni temu


  85. Cass Andrea

    Cass Andrea

    2 dni temu


  86. Ava Nicole

    Ava Nicole

    2 dni temu

    0:20 moto moto?? is that you??

  87. Siri The Budgie

    Siri The Budgie

    2 dni temu

    I am a human I can't breath underwamments (Underwater undercomments) So don't let me sink pls

  88. Strawberry Girly

    Strawberry Girly

    2 dni temu

    Tagalog version **Ayayay ayayay ang pagibig kapag pumasok sa puso’y maligalig 2x Ako si strawberry taga dyan lamang at kung tatawagin girly lamang po kapag sa inuman bawal ako dyan kapag sa lalake paasa lng yannn ayayay ayayay ang pagibig**

  89. Hvngry And Angry

    Hvngry And Angry

    3 dni temu

    Did anyone notice they're singing the song from the 1996 movie but with different lyrics? Edit:The Movie is called Get on the bus BTW

  90. 110 Lexi

    110 Lexi

    3 dni temu

    My name is lexi, yeah i almost broke my phone yeah do you know why? yeah I FELL OF BECAUSE THIS IS HELLA FUNNY

  91. DJoker GAMING

    DJoker GAMING

    3 dni temu

    My name is pancho No!

  92. Hayden Umayam

    Hayden Umayam

    3 dni temu

    My name is Hayden Anwar looks like jafar yeah....thats all

  93. viviana Rodriguez

    viviana Rodriguez

    3 dni temu

    I died when Pancho came out of am no where and everyone turned to him slowly😂😂😂

  94. F V C K Y O U

    F V C K Y O U

    3 dni temu

    I thought Bach was going to say I'm really sorry, Didn't mean to do it, Back then, I was really stupid, I've changed my life around, 'Cause now i'm different, And I've got a surprise for you, I got her pregnant.

  95. Yoon 4

    Yoon 4

    3 dni temu

    Are you a muslim anwar

  96. Mr Folts

    Mr Folts

    3 dni temu


  97. Nyboal lual

    Nyboal lual

    3 dni temu

    Love this video. Imma get myself that march. Heck ya it looks dope🔥🔥🔥💛

  98. M Gurm

    M Gurm

    3 dni temu

    STOP ewww

  99. ManaTheCrazyDancer YT

    ManaTheCrazyDancer YT

    3 dni temu

    Pancho: My name is Pancho Anwar: NOOO

  100. sheep


    3 dni temu